A hidden treasure surrounded by beautiful landscapes
    located between Spain and Portugal. More than 100 miles of
    incomparable scenery dotted with cliffs, waterfalls, banks,
    history, tradition and wine. The origin of Bruñal grape begins
    from here, in the very exclusive portion of The Arribes Del
    Duero Natural Park. The very nature of the soil and climate
    here will find voice in the richness and complexity of the aged
    wine in your glass.
    From selection of Bruñal grapes to 12 months ageing
    in French and Romanian oaks to 36 months in bottle,
    patience and understanding of time are fundamental
    values. Bruñal is the existence of such defining mastery
    and intricacy. It is unmatched; peerless in each andevery way.
    Patiently matured on-site in our exceptional oak casks,
    they add to the outstanding quality, distinctive aromas,
    natural colours and flavours of Bruñal grape.
    Carefully selected, these casks are crafted to our own
    specifications and contribute highly in the final aromas
    and flavours of Bruñal in an ideal environment.